I help students clarify the topic, structure the dissertation, choose and develop a methodology, formulate research questions, develop knowledge management skills, research skills, organize a literature review, help with finding and selecting literature, proofreading, qualitative and quantitative research methods, etc.  I help students overcome problems related to dissertation writing: information overload, writers’ block, a lack of university support, feeling overwhelmed, a lack of motivation, low productivity. I don’t write dissertations for students, so it is will be your work. I offer practical strategies, solutions, and tools which lead to measurable effects.  If you’re interested in coaching,  you don’t really even know how to start your dissertation, please contact me and tell me a little about your project.



This one-to-one online course (via Skype/Zoom) teaches students how to write a longer academic project (e.g. assignments, report). Students write a short research project (usually 3,000-5.000 words). Students go with me through all stages of academic writing: from searching and evaluating sources (books, PDFs, academic journals), through critical reading, interactive reading, collecting notes, evaluating evidence m outlining paragraphs, integrating notes into writing, synthesising and analysing, referencing, producing the first draft, presenting the project.  The course also develops academic software skills (Citavi, Scrivener, Zotero). There are 10 lessons in the course, however, the course requires from students a substantial amount of independent work (30-50 hrs).

It is a must course for all students who will be assessed on the basis of their writing (assignments, essays, projects).It is a truly unique, affordable, and effective form of university preparation. The course equips students with all the important skills needed at English-speaking universities. Students develop simultaneously academic language, academic writing, knowledge management skills, research skills, and independent learning skills. Students improve productivity, get more control over the writing process, and learn how to write good academic projects.

£300 for 10 lessons


This course focuses on developing the practical skills needed to plan and manage effectively large academic projects (assignments, research projects, grants, and dissertations) with Scrivener and Citavi.

Delivery format: small group online training (via Skype/ZOOM), traditional workshops, webinars.

The course is for students who are assessed on the basis of their writing (e.g. assignments, essays, projects), international students preparing for English-speaking universities, professionals looking for a better and faster way of writing academic projects, students writing dissertations/theses.

The course teaches students how to:
undertake a literature search, organise PDFs and books, read and evaluate sources, collect and organise notes, evaluate evidence, outline a project and assign tasks, outline paragraphs, integrate notes into writing, organise arguments, synthesize and analyze sources, reference sources, produce the first draft, presenting the project

It is an affordable, convenient and effective form of developing knowledge management skills.
The course improves productivity, reduces stress, gives students more control over their projects, helps conquer information overload and writer’s block, improves the quality of academic projects.

£150 for 5 lessons