What is the ‘International Students Support Group’?

‘International Students Support Group’ is an online group for international students interested in studying or already studying at English-speaking universities  The group is run by Dr Bernard Parniewicz and focused on developing:

  • Academic English and academic skills needed to succeed at university
  • IELTS/TOFEL preparation
  • developing academic writing
  • developing research skills
  • assignment/dissertation/thesis writing skills
  • effective learning skills, independent learning skills, good learning habits

Who is ‘Student Support Group’ for?

  • prospective international students in the USA, the UK, Australia, etc.
  • students interested in developing Academic English and scientific literacy
  • students who want to learn how to write academic projects effectively
  • students looking for access to effective materials and research-validated learning strategies
  • students struggling with academic assignments, dissertations, etc,

What is the rationale behind the ‘International Student Support Group’?

  • international students often struggle academically
  • the main source of the academic problems is underdeveloped Academic English
  • in particular, international students struggle with critical academic reading and writing
  • students mistake IELTS/TOFEL with academic preparation

What are the beliefs behind the ‘International Student Support Group’?

  • majority of students are able to learn English needed for university and tests (IELTS/TOEFL) independently (without teachers, tutoring, and courses)
  • however, good academic tutors can help students develop more specific skills (academic writing, critical reading, knowledge management skills, IELTS essay writing skills, etc.)
  • International students need to know at least 10,000-word families in English to get a good score on IELTS/TOFEL and read academic texts
  • students need to be exposed to challenging academic texts to improve their reading and comprehension skills
  • students should write at least one academic assignment (5,000 words) before starting a university course
  • students should learn effective learning strategies
  • psychological factors matter for students’ educational success

How to join the ‘International Student Support Group’?

Student can join the ‘International Student Support Group’ through Microsoft Teams (a FREE app that allows easy-sharing reading tasks, quizzes, eBooks, information, advice, and tips, video-conferencing,  webinars, training).  Please contact Bernard to get an access code/link/ invitation to join the group.

What are the benefits of the ‘International Student Support Group’

  • Students are offered FREE training, workshops developing the knowledge and skills needed to succeed at university
  • Students can participate in weekly academic tasks, challenges helping to develop academic English and academic skills
  • Student Support Group’ is a safe and supportive place where students can find help and ask questions about studying abroad, effective learning, Academic English, IELTS/TOFEL preparation. Students can also share their experiences, challenges, and successes and importantly meet other like-minded students

Is the ‘International Student Support Group’ free?

Yes, ‘Student Support Group’ is free of charge.  Students have access to free training, free materials, and professional advice. Students who need further help to develop their academic skills can participate in Bernard’s ‘Academic Tutoring via Skype’ (paid option).