I work with students in the areas of education, social sciences, linguistics, bilingualism, TESOL, language education, psychology, and public health among others. I can support the majority of degrees (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral, PhD).



I don’t write dissertations for students, so it is will be your work. My service is legal and does not violate any university ethical guidelines. I provide students with guidance, support, feedback, practical strategies, solutions, books, and tools which lead to measurable effects.


I help students overcome problems related to dissertation/assignment writing:

  • starting and planning an academic project

  • information overload

  • writers’ block

  • lack of university support

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • lack of motivation

  • low productivity

  • perfectionism


I offer the following coaching services:

  • choosing the topic

  • structuring the dissertation/assignment

  • developing a theoretical framework

  • choosing and developing a methodology

  • formulating research questions

  • finding, evaluating and selecting relevant and high-quality literature

  • organizing a literature review

  • instrument development

  • qualitative and quantitative research methods

  • statistical analysis techniques (e.g. ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANCOVA, correlation, path analysis, multiple regression)

  • feedback on academic writing

  • proofreading

  • defense preparation

  • developing knowledge management skills & research skills

I believe that working on an academic assignment or dissertation is an amazing opportunity to develop
knowledge and learn new skills. Here are the things you can learn with me during the process:

  • academic language

  • academic writing

  • planing and structuring of academic project

  • selecting, evaluating, using and referencing academic sources

  • finding sources (books, PDFs, academic journals)

  • research skills

  • effective academic reading (critical reading, interactive reading, analyzing, synthesizing)

  • paraphrasing, summarising

  • collecting effective notes

  • integrating notes into writing

  • outlining paragraphs

  • writing critically to support an argument

  • knowledge management skills

  • delivering academic presentations

  • effective learning skills

  • developing independent study skills

  • using technology to support academic writing

How does it work?

If you’re interested in coaching, please contact me and tell me a little about your project
(topic, areas you need the most support, deadlines).  You can schedule a free 15-minute consultation here.
My coaching is delivered by telephone, Skype, Zoom, or email.

The coaching is a mix of 1-1 online sessions (Skype, Zoom) and your independent work.
During the 1-1 online sessions, we set targets, tasks to be completed, and deadlines.
I also provide training on the crucial aspects and relevant materials and information.
After you have completed the task, I provide feedback on your work, we discuss it and set up new targets.

It is simple. You learn new skills, develop your project and get your own university mentor.

How do you charge?

My pricing is time-based. Price: 30£/h.

How many hours of coaching will I need?

It depends on you, your project, and the problem. Some students need 3-4 hrs of coaching, other students might need 20 hrs.

Invoicing and payment via PayPal.