One-to-one online tutoring (Skype) for students and professionals who want to improve English for Academic Purposes and/or advanced academic skills. My tutoring is highly beneficial for students preparing for English-speaking universities (IELTS/TOFEL), prospective Masters and Ph.D. students, and scientists who want to improve their oral English skills.

What can you learn with me?

■ Academic English (speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing) ■ IELTS/TOFEL preparation ■ critical reading ■ process of academic writing (assignments, research project) ■ reading for writing (finding information quickly in texts, evaluating text, skimming for gist, scanning for information) ■ simultaneous reading, note-taking, outlining, referencing and writing ■ dissertation/thesis writing (e.g. selecting a topic, finding and selecting literature, using catalogs, evaluating evidence, structuring, choosing a methodology, formulating research questions, outlining paragraphs, integrating notes into writing, synthesizing, analyzing, proofreading, presenting and defending) ■ effective learning methods (spaced-repetition, building schemata, incremental reading, cognitive categorization, deep processing, elaboration, practice retrieval, chunking, comprehensible input, automation, academic workflows, interleaving, deliberate practice, feedback, time-on-task, 80/20 principle, deep learning, self-evaluation, self-reflection) ■ study skills (e.g. note-taking, outlining) ■ knowledge management skills (e.g. Citavi, Scrivener, Mendeley) ■ bibliography software (RefWorks, Zotero, EndNote) ■ quantitative and qualitative research methods ■ statistical methods (e.g. ANOVA, ANCOVA, Multiple Regression) ■ SPSS, STATA, NVivo

Benefits for students

 ■ learn authentic Academic English and essential academic skills ■ improve productivity and criticality ■ learn how to conquer information overload and writer’s block ■  get more control over the writing process ■ less stress ■  the better quality of academic projects ■  affordable ■ convenient ■ effective ■  get academic support through your whole academic journey: from learning Academic English to Masters/Ph.D. dissertation

How do I teach?

■ I teach students Academic English through content-based instruction and meaningful exposure to authentic materials and task (e.g. critical evaluation of journal articles, TED talks, writing a 5,000 words research project, preparing an academic presentation, looking for bias, evaluating evidence) ■ I often discuss with my students the materials we have read, watched or listened to ■ students write summaries, short research projects, and assignments ■ my tutoring is linked to the subject students want to study ■ I develop simultaneously academic language, academic writing, knowledge management skills, research skills, and independent learning skills


■ £25 for 60 min/lesson ■ £150 for 5 lessons